Events In July

We’ve had a very busy July this year. At the beginning of this month we took a family trip to Snowbird, Utah. There, we met up with all of my family and had a great family reunion. We also went to GG Alice’s house and celebrated her 80th birthday. We were there for a week and then we headed back home. We weren’t home long (only a week and a half) before my parents flew in to watch the kids so John and I could take a much needed ‘Time Out’ in Hawaii. I know, it’s hard… but it had to be done.

A little more about our trips.

Snowbird Is in the mountains of Utah, and is mainly a ski resort, however they have added some fun summer activities. We stayed at the Cliff Lodge, which was very nice, with lots of room. What the girls loved best: playing with their cousins, knitting, painting, going down the Alpine slide, doing the Euro-bungy, fishing, hiking, GG’s birthday party complete with pinata, setting of fireworks at GG’s house.

Hawaii What can I say, it was great. We stayed two days on Oahu and went to Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Both were great. When we checked into our hotel, they had to upgrade our room (we were so sad), so instead of the standard room we were put in an ocean front room. The view was incredible. We ate dinner on the beach at a restaurant called Duke’s. It was really nice.

Then we flew over to Maui. We were there for a total of six days. Some things we did in Maui: laid on the beach, snorkeled, kayaked, drove the road to Hana, sailed, hiked, took afternoon naps. It was wonderful! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids!

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