Not forgotten…

Five things I love about my dad


  1. He loves to sing. I know I used this one for my mom, but what can I say, my family loves to sing. My dad has a wonderful voice and has sung in the church choir as long as I can remember.

  3. He’s a handy man extraordinaire. Something he learned from his father. He’s an electrician, mechanic, computer repairman, landscaper… you name it.

  5. He’s very smart. (To quote my great-uncle Howard, “God is good. God is fair. To some he gave brains, and to others hair.” J) And growing up, he was always willing to use those brains to help me with my homework.

  7. He is very thoughtful. I remember one time when he was going out of town and he left little love notes all over the house for my mom. So cute!

  9. He has a quiet, gentle nature that is very endearing. Growing up I was always daddy’s little girl. Now he has four grand daughters that are definitely grandpa’s girls. They adore him (as do I). Love you dad!

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