Because Valentine’s day isn’t too far way…

Five things I love about my mom


  1. She loves to sing. Songs off the radio with a twist. That’s right. Her own unique version with wacky lyrics guaranteed to make anyone smile! It’s really quite a talent, one that she has passed down to all her children (though some of us won’t admit to it!)

  3. Her creativity. She is always working on a project with several more ideas in the works. Sewing, quilting, painting… there’s no end to her creative ideas (or at least not in the 32 years I’ve known her :) )

  5. The way she plays with her grand-children. She likes to get down and dirty. The kids aren’t just playing around her, she’s playing right along with them and they love it!

  7. She’s so friendly and seems comfortable talking to anyone. Not a trait that I inherited, unfortunately, but one that I greatly admire in her.

  9. She is a wonderful friend. Someone I love to call and just chat with. Someone I can always count on to be there for me. Love ya mom!



One thought on “Because Valentine’s day isn’t too far way…”

  1. What a great post! Your Mom is an amazing lady!! I can’t believe all she does for her students. She even came to Paige’s baptism! That was last year, and Paige is still spitting out facts she learned from Mrs. Conrad!!! She is a teacher that left a lasting impression on us!! What a great gift!

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