Spring Break – Rome Day 2

Our first stop on our second day in Rome was to the Vatican Museum. The apartment we were staying in was not far from the Vatican so it was just a short bus ride to get there… still packed, but nothing like the subway.

We have found that it definitely pays to do a little research before you go on vacation. In reading about the Vatican Museum, we learned that it was a good idea to buy your tickets and reserve an entry time online before you go. So we did, and boy were we glad! The line to buy tickets was HUGE… and we just walked on by… right up to the front door… right into the Vatican… no line… no waiting… BEAUTIFUL!

The Vatican Museum is the papal palace turned museum filled with ancient artifacts, classical sculptures and Renaissance paintings. There is quite a lot to see.

There was so much to see that it left us quite exhausted. Here we are taking a break before we head in to see “la piece de resistance”… the Sistine Chapel.

Okay, so you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel, so I don’t have any. Even though EVERYONE else was taking pictures, I chose to be good. But I do have to say one thing, I was completely underwhelmed by the Sistine Chapel. Maybe it’s because they were herding us through like cattle, and we barely had time to look at anything, but it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Next to the Vatican Museum is St. Peter’s Basilica. That was our next stop.

While the Sistine Chapel did not live up to my expectations, Michelangelo’s Pieta most definitely did… just so beautiful…

At this point it had been a long morning of walking around and looking at art and sculptures, and Lauren was in full tantrum mode. Her feet could not walk anymore. She was going to die of hunger. John threw her up on his back, and then she was back to all smiles.

The girls with one of the Vatican City guards.

St. Peter’s Square

Lauren.. sad that dad put her down and ready for lunch.


Here we are after lunch, enjoying our daily gelato.

Castel Sant’Angelo

After lunch, we walked around a little bit, did some souvenir shopping, and then headed back to the apartment to rest and take it easy for the afternoon.

After our rest, we headed out to find a place to have dinner and then do a night walk trough the city.


John and Sara in front of the Spanish Steps.

We will always remember the Spanish Steps. This is where a tricky street vendor gave the girls roses, telling them they were free for them because they were such beautiful girls. Then he went over and harassed John for money. The girls tried to give back the roses, but he wouldn’t take them. John tried to give him a couple euros, but he said it wasn’t enough. Finally, he took the money, grabbed two of the roses back from the girls and went on to harass someone else. Persistant, unrelenting street vendors… definitely our least favorite part of Rome.

The Trevi Fountain


More gelato. We need to keep our energy up for the night walk :)

A second-century column in the Piazza Colonna.  It depicts the victories of Marcus Aurelius over the barbarians.

Looking out from the portico of the Pantheon.

St. Peter’s Basilica at night

2 thoughts on “Spring Break – Rome Day 2”

  1. oh. how i wish i could zap myself to your side for the week!
    rome looks dreamy.
    your girls are darling.
    love the pics!!
    (wondered what you ended up buying at the shops…)

    1. if you find a way to zap yourself over, we’d love to have you! we head back to Portland in August, we’ll have to get together sometime.

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