Spring Break – Pisa

Let’s be honest, driving vacations can be very stressful at times. In our case, trying to navigate in unfamiliar territory usually leads to some kind of… how shall I say it… disagreement. Driving to Pisa from Rome was no exception. I had not mapped out where the best parking lot was to visit the tower of Pisa beforehand, which irked John, and trying to follow the signs to parking in Pisa was near impossible. To add to the stress, there are zones within the city where only residents can drive and we were quickly approaching that area. Although we had no way of knowing exactly where it started. We finally spotted a public parking lot and stopped, hoping it wasn’t too far of a walk to the tower.

Well, it turned out to be the best place we could have stopped. We didn’t have to take a bus into the old city. It was a short walk along the city wall and we were there. And so far no ticket from Pisa, so we must have managed to avoid the residents only zone :) .

And here we are… the leaning tower of Pisa.

I must admit that I had pictured it being taller. I think that when you are there, seeing it in person, it doesn’t look as grandios as it does in pictures because you can see it in relation to all the other buildings around it. Still… it was pretty cool to see it in person, and it definitly is leaning!

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