Skiing for the first time

We headed to Garmish bright and early in the morning hoping to miss some of the ski traffic, but I don’t think we left early enough :) . After getting to the ski resort we quickly got the kids suited up and off to their ski class.

We signed the girls up for two days of lessons, and for the most part, they really enjoyed it. Cailyn had a hard time on the first day, and ended pretty discouraged. The following day she was given a private instructor to help her out. The first thing he did was take her to get different skiis. She had been fitted with skiis that were a little too big for her. Once she had smaller skiis, she really got the hang of it.

Ella taking a break.
Can you tell Lauren is having a great time?
Emily with the "did you see me mom?" look.
Hannah really concentrating.
Sara liked to go for speed, so she looks a little out of control in all her pictures.
Mason demonstrating how to stop.
Cailyn's going to kill me for posting this picture, but this is how they all looked after a long day of skiing.

At the end of the day John took Lauren to the top of the hill, something that she didn’t get to do with her instructor.

Here she is going down the hill. She looked a little out of control most of the way down, but she managed to stay on her feet and stop herself at the end.

Here’s how she looked when she finished. You can see from the picture that she can’t believe she really did it.


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