Getting Ready to Ski with the Dzmuras

After Christmas we were lucky to have John’s sister Kim and her family come down from Frankfurt for a visit and to do some skiiing. The day before we were to go skiing we headed to the ski resort in Garmish to pick up our skiis. Garmish is a cute little town in the Alps about 45 minutes from our house.

After pikcing up our skiis (which was CRAZY… just imagine all 11 of us getting fit for boots and skiis… not to mention everyone else who was there doing the same thing) we headed into town to eat. Kim took us to a GREAT restaurant. I don’t know what I ordered, but it was DELICIOUS. I still have dreams about it.

When you think of a traditional German restaurant, this is the place you are thinking about… the one man music show, boys in Lederhosen dancing (so sad that my pictures of that didn’t turn out :( )…

and the applestreudel… Oh! to die for!

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