Christmas… part 2

Christmas Eve was full of baking cookies, singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas books, and watching Christmas specials on TV (you know… Rudolph and Frosty… I bought the DVDs before we came). We also went to a special Christmas program at the church… which was all in German so only one of us knew what was going on… but it set the tone for the rest of the evening. We finished it off by reading the Christmas story from the scriptures and of course opening one gift (bet you can’t guess what it was :) ).

So you remeber those 60 euro pajamas? (see Christamas… part 1) Well… Emily’s ended up being capris and short-sleeved and Cailyn’s were way too small. Guess they won’t be wearing new pjs tonight!

Even before we knew that we were going to be moving to Germany, we had decided that this Christmas was going to be much simpler than past Christmases. Each girl would receive just one gift from Santa, and none from mom and dad. Our gift to them was going to be doing something fun together as a family. So we were a little nervous about how the girls would react on Christmas morning. They really surprised us. I don’t think they were any less excited about their one present under the tree than they had been in past years with a tree surrounded by presents.

That evening we sat down to a traditional Christmas dinner, our first here in Germany. It had been a truly wonderful day.

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