I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but over here in Germany the kids are Smurf crazy. Everywhere you look you see Smurf merchandise. Of course my girls have joined in, so they were very excited to go and see the Smurf movie in 3D in ENGLISH (that last part is very important).

We took the train into Munich to a movie theatre that show movies in their original format. They only have one theater so no movie stays at the theater for very long. When they get it, you have to see it quick. We were in the very first showing of Smurfs.

The girls absolutely loved the movie, even the older girls. Here they are in their 3D glasses. Aren’t they so cute! (I know it’s not a great picture. I took it with my phone, but I promise they looked so cute!)

One thought on “Smurfs”

  1. How fun!!! I remember going to see a movie in English was the one of the *best* things to do, such a treat!! And in 3D- even better! Miss you girls (you too, John & Becki!!)~ love, aunt la

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