O Canada!

Today I’m going to say  “eh?” a little more often. I’m going to pronounce “bag” and “flag” in that way that only Canadians can. I’m putting on my big red sweatshirt and belting out the Canadian national athem. Why? Because today I am a Canadian citizen once more! Actually as of 2009, but no one bothered to tell me they changed the law.

You see, I was born while my parents were attending university in the US, making me a Canadian citizen born abroad. Only there was this crazy law on the books that if you were a Canadian citizen born abroad between 1947 and April 15, 1977 (that’s right James, had you been born a few weeks early you would have been in my same predicament!) you lost your Canadian citizenship at the age of 24 if you were not residing in Canada. That was a sad day for me as I was living in Michigan at the time.

But in 2009 they reinstated the citizenship of all those who lost it under the old law. So today I am Canadian once more.

Break out the Nanaimo bars! It’s time for a party!

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