My new found loves…

I’m in love. Everyday I wake up and think…

Hello bedroom, I love you!

John and I compromised on the color. I like my greens more mossy and he likes his more minty. I wasn’t too sure about the color we finally agreed on, but it turns out I really love it.

Hello new mop, I love you!


Goodbye swiffer that left my floor feeling sticky and had expensive refills and wasteful disposable cleaning clothes! Hello rubbermaid mop! You rock my world!

Hello Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner, I love you!


You work so well, smell so good and are environmentally friendly!

Hello new vacuum, I love you!


You only weigh 13 lbs and make vacuuming so quick and easy. Yes, you have a bag, but I was tired of having  allergy attacks every time I emptied out my old bagless vacuum.

Okay, I admit it… this post is a little pathetic…. but what can I say? I love these things!

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