Landshut, Germany

The last Saturday in March we decided to check out another city here in Bavaria… Landshut. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but there is a castle and residence there that are covered by the Bavarian pass, so why not check it out?

One of the great things about living here in Germany is that you really get to learn a lot of history (whether you want to or not, right girls? Wink ) Well, it turns out that Landshut was actually a pretty historically important city. In fact, when we were in Paris we saw that it was one of the cities listed on the Arc de Triomphe. (The city names represent victories won during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.) Landshut was founded in 1204 and was for centuries home to the Wittelsbach family, the former rulers of Bavaria.

Anywoo… history lesson over. We thought it was a very nice town and enjoyed seeing the castle and the residence, and even had our own private tour of the residence in english (seeing as nobody else was actually there).

Trausnitz Castle


The Residence


And how could I forget the most beautiful statues I’ve ever seen…




And this church… St. Martins. It’s steeple is the tallest brick structure in the world.

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