I’ve been reading too many food labels…

why does everything have so much sodium in it!?!

I’m shocked when I read labels now and see how much sodium we usually consume.

So I am spending the entire day in the kitchen. That’s right, you heard me correctly.

All day in the kitchen… just me, my pots and pans, whole chickens, vegetables and

no salt

 That’s right Mr. Salt, you’re not invited!

Why all this cooking? First of all to feed my darling three year old, who is recovering ahead of schedule, but still needs a low sodium diet… and because I need to freeze a bunch of meals so that John and I can go to


We leave in less than two weeks. Yeah!!!!!

Thanks so much to Grandpa Boz who has agreed to stay with the girls

 while we go galavanting around Europe. What a great dad!

So I’d better get back to cooking!

Lots to do before we leave!

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