Innsbruck, Austria

The first weekend in January we decided we needed to start taking advantage of being in Europe and take our first little roadtrip. We decided to head to Innsbruck, which was a great starting point. Not only would we get to go to a different country, but it’s only about 1 1/2 hours away from us.

The first thing we did when we got there, was go to the Tourist Information Center and buy our Innsbruck Card. With this card you can get into most of the sites in Innsbruck, and it also covered public transportation.

Then we walked around downtown for a little bit, and stopped in to see the church.

Lauren was fascinated by the pipe organ.

Next we took the Nordkettenbahn, which includes a train and a cable car, up into the mountains. One word… Breathtaking!

There was a little self service cafe at the top of the mountain, so that’s where we decided to stop for lunch. Here’s John with his Kasespaetzle and Almduler. (John specifically asked me to take this picture for you Jason. :) Trying to make you jealous, perhaps?)

After lunch we went to the Alpenzoo. It’s on the same mountain just lower down. We took the cable car down, but decided to walk to the zoo from there instead of going one stop on the train. That was a mistake. It was a muddy dirt path down to the zoo, and on the way Lauren tripped and scraped up her face. So sad! Frown

Despite her little mishap, Lauren thoroughly enjoyed herself at the zoo. She especially loved the mountain goats… oh ya, and the moose.

Next we headed back into the Altstadt (old city) to see the most famous site in Innsbruck… the Golden Roof. Lauren of course had to get the audio guide, and despite the fact that they were closing soon and we had to hurry, she insisted that she had to listen to every single thing.

We also climbed the Stadtturm (citytower) which in Medieval times was a prison and visited the Hofkirche (which I don’t have pictures of, I’m guessing we weren’t allowed to take any).

The last place we visited was the Schloss Ambras, a Renaissance palace just south of the Altstadt. It wasn’t spectacular from the outside, but is still one of my favorite palaces that we have visited.

It’s one of my favorites because it’s not as well known. When we went there was no one there, and I mean no one. We had the run of the place. Look at this beautiful Spanish Hall, built between 1569-1572. Just gorgeous! And we didn’t have to hurry through it, and we weren’t being shoved and pushed by hundreds of visitors. My girls could really look around and see all the beautiful paintings, the carved wood ceiling, the inlaid wood doors and if you look at Lauren you might be able to tell that she had a great time dancing around the whole room.

And we learned something new at the Ambras palace. We learned about a new apostle. We never knew there was an apostle named Jake :) .

5 thoughts on “Innsbruck, Austria”

  1. Becki,

    You have been on my blog reader since you lived in AZ, and I have been keeping up (sometimes:) with your family! You guys look like you are having an amazing experience! How long are you going to be in Europe?

  2. Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family!!

    I showed Ms A and she asked to say “Hi” to Lauren. She misses her SO MUCH!

  3. John succeeded in making Jason very jealous. He said “two of my most favorite things in the world”. I wish we could be living over there for a couple years to go on all those amazing adventures with you guys!

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