Frankfurt, Köln

The second weekend in February we made the trip to Frankfurt to visit Kim and her family. The girls were very excited to see their cousins. They always have a great time together. Of course we headed to Köln and Bonn so that the girls could see where their dad used to live and hang out.
Here we are at the Kölner Dom.
The two family's together.
Don't they look excited to be here. I imagine they're thinking 'Not another church!'

The mosaic floors are amazing!

John couldn’t possibly go to Köln without eating at the Hofbräu Früh am Dom, so that’s where we stopped for lunch.

The kids trying to decided what to eat. We finally made the decision for them and ordered them all a bowl of Gulaschsuppe... delicious! Perfect for a cold windy day.
Cailyn must be telling a very interesting story. She has everyones attention. I just love how well the cousins get along.

Next we went to Bonn and saw the old house and the school, and climbed up to the castle in Bad Godesberg. I know I took some pictures, but I can’t seem to find any. And of course we went to the Haribo factory store and loaded up on WAY too much candy. (Sara is still talking about this and cannot wait to go back.)

The following day we had lunch with one of John’s mission companions before heading back for home.

Here is John with his mission companion Elder Paul.
And now a picture with all the kids.

It was a really quick trip, but we had a great time. Lauren did, however, let me know that next time she just wants to stay at Ella’s house and play instead of going to see things.

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