First day of School

Back to school time. The summer seemed to just fly by. Of course it was only six weeks long, but we did a lot and had a great time. My parents came for a visit and we went to Venice, saw castles and palaces here in Germany and spent a week in Spain. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. We also spent a week in Switzerland, went to an amusement park and explored more of the Munich area.

But August 22 is here, and now its off to grade one for Lauren, grade 4 for Sara, grade 6 for Emily and grade 7 for Cailyn. It’s going to be a quiet house during the day. I’m sure going to miss them.

You might be wondering what Lauren is holding in this picture. It’s called a Schuletute. In Germany it is a tradition for the parents to give their child a schuletute on their first day of first grade. They fill it with school supplies and special surprises.

Lauren was very excited about her Schuletute and couldn’t wait to open it. All the first graders were supposed to bring theirs to class on the first day, but everyone had to wait and open it when they got home. Lauren had to wait until John got home from work, so it was a very long day for her.

Here is Lauren with her best friend Isabella. They were very excited to be in the same class again this year.

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