Easter Weekend

Saturday, the girls had softball practice in the morning. Cailyn, Emily and Sara are playing this year so we are split between two different teams. Both teams practice at the same time, so John and I have to divide and conquer. Sara is on a t-ball team. It’s so cute to watch the girls playing for the first time and trying to figure out the ins and outs of the game. They haven’t quite figured it out yet, and the first game is next week. Should be interesting. Cailyn and Emily have moved up to slow pitch softball. They are the youngest on their team, but are doing great. We also found out Saturday morning that Sara has allergies, as her eyes swelled shut at her softball practice. We had to make an emergency run to Walgreens for some Benedryl.

Saturday afternoon we had a visit from Aunt Laurel and Uncle Bob (John’s aunt and uncle). They brought the girls some Easter treats and books. For John and I they brought some cacti and aloe to plant in the yard. Thank you Aunt Laurel and Uncle Bob for your thoughtfulness and for a lovely visit!

Saturday night we colored our easter eggs.

Easter Sunday was quiet.  We missed not having family over for dinner. We had the usual Easter fare, however, we let the girls eat at the dinning room table for the first time. They were very very excited. It’s funny how simple things like that can make them so happy.

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