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Why sing it the same old way?

Lauren’s new favorite activity is playing Christmas CD’s in her boombox, and singing along as best she can. Needless to say, some of the carols now have new lyrics. My personal favorite is “George to the World”. A close second is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” with these new lyrics: “Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day to save us all from Santa’s pow”. 

Too excited to sleep!

Here’s what someone (I won’t name names… sara) was busy doing last night when she was supposed to be in bed.

Let me help you decipher the picture. This is a drawing of where we are going tonight with the girls… for a ride on the Polar Express.  As you can see, Sara has drawn the train, Santa, and the hot chocolate and cookie that will be served on the train. I know what you’re thinking… It’s a little too early for this kind of thing, but apparently it’s a very popular thing to do, and seeing as we just found out about it a couple of days ago, there weren’t a lot of available tickets. It was either this week, or the first week in January. I thought the first week in January would be anticlimactic, so tonight it is!

Halloween = A very busy day at our house

We had a very busy Halloween at our house. Lauren and I spent the day in the kitchen. We were invited to a potluck dinner at our neighbors house, so we baked some rolls…

We ran to the store and bought some good old Louisburg Cider Mill apple cider (although it was still in the 90s and we didn’t much feel like drinking hot apple cider… but it’s hard to give up on tradition.)

We couldn’t find any apple cider doughnuts to go along with our apple cider, so we made our own.

When the older girls got home from school, we finally carved our pumpkin (something I thought we should just pass on this year, but that didn’t go over too well :) )

Then it was time to get the kids all costumed up and head over to the neighbor’s house.

There was a lot of good food at the potluck, and we had a really good time. After dinner we sent the men off with the kids to trick-or-treat  while us girls sat in our camp chairs; talking and handing out candy.

Here’s a picture of all the kids just before they headed out trick-or-treating.


Jason and Sandy came for a quick visit over the Memorial Day weekend. As always, it was great having them around and we had a lot of fun. Saturday morning I awoke to the usual “Mom, we’re bored. Can we do a craft?” My girls always want to do crafts. So I found some wooden sailboats that I had left over from a primary activity, and had the kids put them together and paint them. We later sailed them in the swimming pool.


We haven’t seen too many of the local attrations, so it’s hard to know where to take visitors. We had ventured to the Phoenix Zoo and thought it was pretty unique, so that’s where we dragged Jason, Sandy and crew. We had wanted to check out one of the local waterparks, but the weather didn’t cooperate. It was the perfect day for a zoo trip though, as the temperatures were much cooler than normal (only in the 90’s). The highlight of the zoo (for my kids at least) was the camel ride.



It was a fun weekend. We’re always glad to have visitors!

Mother’s Day Tea

Sara’s class held a Mother’s Day tea party yesterday. It was so fun. First the class sang us about 6 mother’s day songs. Next we decorated a crown together that I had… I mean… got to wear. Then we made a picture frame and Sara’s teacher took our picture to put in it. Next, Sara showed me all the stuff she had made for me in class. There were several stories, a paper fan, and a tea cup that she had decorated. We had juice and cake, and it culminated with a slide show of pictures of the kids throughout the year. The best part of all was just seeing how happy Sara was to have me there. There is no better gift than that.

Mothers Day Song

Easter Weekend

Saturday, the girls had softball practice in the morning. Cailyn, Emily and Sara are playing this year so we are split between two different teams. Both teams practice at the same time, so John and I have to divide and conquer. Sara is on a t-ball team. It’s so cute to watch the girls playing for the first time and trying to figure out the ins and outs of the game. They haven’t quite figured it out yet, and the first game is next week. Should be interesting. Cailyn and Emily have moved up to slow pitch softball. They are the youngest on their team, but are doing great. We also found out Saturday morning that Sara has allergies, as her eyes swelled shut at her softball practice. We had to make an emergency run to Walgreens for some Benedryl.

Saturday afternoon we had a visit from Aunt Laurel and Uncle Bob (John’s aunt and uncle). They brought the girls some Easter treats and books. For John and I they brought some cacti and aloe to plant in the yard. Thank you Aunt Laurel and Uncle Bob for your thoughtfulness and for a lovely visit!

Saturday night we colored our easter eggs.

Easter Sunday was quiet.  We missed not having family over for dinner. We had the usual Easter fare, however, we let the girls eat at the dinning room table for the first time. They were very very excited. It’s funny how simple things like that can make them so happy.

Merry Christmas from Michigan

Merry Christmas everyone! We are in Michigan with John’s family for Christmas this year, and having a great time. It is so fun to watch the cousins playing together. We only wish they saw each other more often. Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day. Hope that yours was as good as ours!








Merry Christmas

We’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas. This week we’ve been making gingerbread houses, reading Christmas stories, and getting ready for our big trip to Michigan. That’s where we’ll be spending Christmas this year. The girls are so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma. It should be a great Christmas. We hope yours will be as well.









Lauren singing Jingle Bells