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I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but over here in Germany the kids are Smurf crazy. Everywhere you look you see Smurf merchandise. Of course my girls have joined in, so they were very excited to go and see the Smurf movie in 3D in ENGLISH (that last part is very important).

We took the train into Munich to a movie theatre that show movies in their original format. They only have one theater so no movie stays at the theater for very long. When they get it, you have to see it quick. We were in the very first showing of Smurfs.

The girls absolutely loved the movie, even the older girls. Here they are in their 3D glasses. Aren’t they so cute! (I know it’s not a great picture. I took it with my phone, but I promise they looked so cute!)

A LONG Weekend (for me at least)

John was out of town this past weekend, and so the girls and I were on our own. Of course it was a long weekend, so we needed to find ways to entertain ourselves. We laid low the first couple days, breaking into our secret stash of American food and enjoying every bite. Cailyn took it a bit too far, though when she dipped a precious Oreo cookie in…


Gross! Reminds me of my brothers, cantaloupe and mustard!

I’m still trying to decided what is most gross to me, the fact that she ate it or the fact that she thought it was good.

After that, I decided it was time for us to get out of the house. We walked down to the lake and on the way made a manditory stop at the bakery. You can’t walk by and not stop, even if you have been eating nothing but processed American junk all weekend.

It was such a beautiful day to be outside. People were even swimming in the Lake (it wasn’t THAT beautiful!) The girls just enjoyed being outside, playing at the park, watching the swans and scootering around the boardwalk.

On the way home we decided we needed to try the local gelato stand. We hadn’t had a chance to try it yet, and I knew it had to be good because everytime I walked by it was packed. All I can say is… DELICIOUS!

I know it sounds like we spent most of our weekend eating, but I just want to assure you that we didn’t. We found plenty of time to play video games too! :)


For those of you that are wondering just where it is we’ve moved to, here is a quick tour of our town, Starnberg.

our little downtown
our beautiful lake... Starnberger See
it's just over a 15 min. walk from our house
the school the girls are attending

I’d add a picture of the house, but it’s raining outside… maybe another day.

Em’s 11th birthday

This year we had just a quiet family celebration for Emily’s birthday. We celebrated by walking down to the lake and getting Emily the Starnberg plate she has been wanting for her plate collection. There’s a little shop on the boardwalk that sells them.

Then we treated her and her sisters to some gelato, and played at the park.

When we got home it was time to open presents.

I know I say this every year, but I can’t believe how grown up she is getting.  I think this move to Germany has been a hard one for Emily, but she is still always smiling and trying her best. She is one special young lady. Love ya Em!


So here are the promised pictures from the treasury. The crown jewels of Bavaria are AMAZING.

This was by far the girls favorite part of the day.

Lauren in total awe
Sara wouldn't mind one of these
"How does this look on me?"

The Wittelsbach residence in Munich

The girls and I decided to be brave and venture into downtown Munich (on our own, no John to translate for us) not long after we arrived.  While downtown, we went to the  Christkindlmarkt Market so that the girls could buy Christmas presents for each other. We also went to see the Residenz Museum and the Treasury. This is where the rulers of Bavaria lived for centuries. Of course it was badly damaged during World War II so much of it is reconstructed, but the furniture pieces and art are all originals that were put back into the residence after the war.

The girls in the Antiquarium. This hall is the oldest room of the Residenz München. 66 metres long, it is the largest and most lavish Renaissance interior north of the Alps.

This is in the grotto. The designs on the walls are created with seashells. In fact, the entire wall is covered in seashells.


Here are the girls just standing in the hallway. Some hallway!
This is just one of the many collections of tableware. There were literally rooms full of beautiful place settings. Maybe each ruler decided he needed his own set.
In the green gallery with all the beautiful works of art.
A look out one of the Residenz windows. You can see our snowy weather.

I was pleasently surprised how much the girls enjoyed touring the Residenz Museum. I thought they would be bored after an hour or so, but we were there for three hours* and they enjoyed every minute of it.

*Disclaimer: The three hours included the time we spent touring the treasury, which I will post later.

On our way

‘Twas the night before moving, when all through the hotel
Not a creature was stirring…

 Okay, there was a creature stirring. It was me, taking pictures of my beautiful sleeping girls. Girls who were about to embark on a great adventure.

Let the adventure begin!

Waiting for the plane

Some last minute "Skyping" with family

12 hours later - We made it... and so did all our luggage

The flight over went better than excepted. The girls were real troupers. Lauren was only in tears once… when the man in front of her turned around and yelled at her for kicking his seat. Everyone slept most of the way over except for me, so they were all bright eyed and bushy tailed when we got to the apartment in Munich and I was about to die. (Okay… maybe not die but you get my drift)

Making themselves at home. See, they don't look tired at all.

Home Alone

Today it has really hit me. I’m home all alone… all day… just me. I don’t think I was ready for this. In Oregon Lauren went to school for 2hr. 45 min. I was ready for that. But I was not prepared for dropping her off at 8:50 am and then picking her up again at 3:30 pm. I knew this day would come, but I didn’t know how much I’d miss hearing “Mommy, read me a story. Mommy come play with me. Mommy I’m hungry, can I have a snack?” (Just imagine all those things said in a very whiny voice. Usually they would drive me crazy. Now they would be sweet music to my ears.)

First Field Trip

Lauren’s class went on their first field trip to the apple orchard. Lucky for me, I got to tag along. That’s one of the perks of having all the girls in school. I’m more available to go on these sorts of things.

First they sampled some of the apples and had some apple cider. Then they jumped in the bouncy house.

Here’s Lauren with her good friend Katie outside the apple bouncy house.

Next they got to pick a little pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

After that they went on a hayride around the orchard.

Lastly, they checked out some of the animals, and then it was time to go home.

It was a really fun day. I love spending time with this girl!