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Softball season, here we come!

It’s that time of year again. Cailyn, Emily and Sara are all playing softball again this season. We had games on Saturday and it was a beautiful sunny day. Of course, I forgot the sunblock, so we all ended up a little on the pink side. I’ll have to be more prepared for next week.

I forgot my camera (again… not prepared… will do better next week), so I didn’t get any pictures but one of Sara’s coaches took pictures and sent this out to all the parents:


Click on the picture to see it bigger. Sara is wearing jersey #8. She’s quite the good little hitter. Of course she’s left handed, so she always hits the ball right to 1st base. We’ll have to work on that!

Happy Birthday Cailyn!


Eleven years ago I held this beautiful little angel in my arms for the very first time. It was such a magical moment. I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

Eleven years later, she’s still an angel, just not so little anymore.


And I still feel overwhelmed… with joy, but also by how fast the time has passed between that day eleven years ago and today. In just another seven years, she’ll be getting ready to go to college, and if those seven years go by as fast as the last eleven, it will be here before I know it. All the more reason to enjoy these special moments. Happy Birthday Cailyn!

Cailyn had a very busy day today with afterschool sports, violin lessons and activity days, so we actually celebrated her birthday yesterday along with John’s.


Emily is such a sweetheart. She used some of the money she got for her birthday to buy presents for both Cailyn and John.


Sara and Lauren were busy up in their bedroom making special birthday surprises for Cailyn.


Recognize these girls?

c_haircut01 e_haircut01

I hardly do. They look too grown up with their new dos. I’m just not ready for this. Can’t they stay little forever?

After much begging and pleading from my girls, and much hesitation on my part (I just love long hair) I finally caved and agreed that Cailyn & Emily could cut their hair short. I decided to do it myself. I know… I know… I’m so cheap! But I figured I’d give it a try. If I messed up too bad, we could always go to the salon and have it fixed, right?

Anyway, I think they turned out pretty good. They are both happy and that’s what matters most.





Here’s Emily with some oh so cute bangs curtesy of Cailyn.



Spring Break

 Day 1

Fabric Wallets –We found this cool pattern for fabric wallets at craft warehouse, so the girls and I decided to give them a try. It was their first time using a sewing machine which they thought was great. They were so fun and easy to make and turned out totally cute.






Day 2-3

Avatar: The Last Airbender Marathon – So this is a cartoon that the girls love to watch, but they’ve only seen a few episodes here and there. So we decided to have an Avatar marathon and we ended up watching the whole first season in two days. (Just 3 more seasons to go :) )


Day 4-7

Trip to Mark & Laurel’s in Wenatchee for Henry’s baby blessing. We did a little hiking, a little bowling, but mostly just hung out (which is just what I needed).




Volcano of LOVE & Valentine’s Day

Emily’s class is working on an engineering unit at school. So for Valentine’s day her teacher asked the students to each design a unique Valentine’s box, one that all the fourth graders in the school would love to have. Emily was sooo excited about the project. She wanted to come up with something that both the girls and the boys would like. Here’s what she came up with:


I think it turned out GREAT! Who wouldn’t want this Volcano of LOVE!!!!

Every Valentine’s Day John gives each of the girls their own rose. This year was no exception. Here they are with their roses on Valentine’s morning:


Look at those smiles! They look forward to this every year. They absolutely love it! What a good dad they have!

We LOVE visitors!

Especially when the visitor is Grandpa Bosworth!


A trip up to Mt. Hood to do some sledding


Playing games and doing puzzles


Lauren and Sara have been having trouble going to bed lately, so we’ve started a marble jar. They get three marbles everynight when they go to bed. If they get out of bed, or if John and I have to come up and tell them to be quiet, they lose a marble. They filled their marble jar while Grandpa was here, so they earned a trip to Chucky Cheese.


The last day Grandpa was here, we finally got some sun so we headed to the park to play.




More Snow!

We went to the movies with Grandpa and Grandma to see “Princess and the Frog” (not my favorite Disney movie… a little too dark for me). Anyway, the forecast said it was going to be a cold but dry day. Hmmm… they must have missed something, because when the movie was done we came out to this…


We hurried home so the kids could go out and have some playtime in the snow before it got too dark.